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Sexy Af by Coollocococo
Sexy Af

stupid fucking DA wouldnt let me attacht to a comment without submitting and i already fucking drew it 5 mins but still
This is for :icontheonce-hunternf: so kill her instead

One sunny night :iconemiliano-gambardella: was asleep when suddenly :iconthedirtyman: and Tinky Winky came trough the floor boards "its grass time" they said rape face and all. :iconcoolniamhyniamh: then got a fuck (really Regan XD) shaped crowbar and hit tinky winky with it. "ANUS" he exclaimed as his vagina fell out/off (can't read my own writing). Just then :iconalphalatias: came and farted grass which :iconautumnwarmth: (Im so sorry) then ate (this is fucked up on so many levels :/) they then stated it tasted like :iconsplashylove: who they previously had eaten the other night much to their dismay. Sherlock Jones and Dr. Anonymous where solving a case where :iconshania-jade: had got stuck up :iconcrossidefreakreturns:'s rectum. It was a pretty shitty situation to be in. :icon1cecub: (so sorry bro) didn't mind it though cuz they loved shit especially dog shit on toast!!!!! :iconbonafidechimp: and :iconfrozenpheonixdmce: wanted to be Anstadamsters when suddenly Little miss Barack Obama or Barraco Barner as hes known to some shouted "TICKLES BUMPS" before face plating the ground and breaking his/her neck.:iconemanuelle1:decided to kill Santa with a spoon:iconvicodinflavoredmints: scolded them saying "You are a silly little Brazilian nut (that was PURE coincidence!!!!)!!!!!! With Santa dead :iconhumphreywolf2012: decided to deliver presents to all the boys and the girls of the world...EXCEPT for:iconkmaayla: who had recently been caught *for what remains of your innocence I'm cutting this bit out* Blitzen who made the moon explode with his sexiness!:iconkissmyart-artcore: was reproducting (as Regan says) when :iconnatetheninja23: burst in stating :icontheonce-hunternf: had been lost Oregon like a charm!!! :icongaetanopergamo: had just established that Devon/Deven/Devin/etc had not been mentioned once and decided to hit Hobochlo with a penis published inside animal (these are only things me and Regan will get XD)! Alf then came and ran intoa lamppost that crushed :iconagentbutt-kick: (im so sorry!!!!!!) to death! "I GOT LOCO LEGS!!!" exclaimed :iconkiwifury: dancing retardedly with BOB when all of the sudden :iconcoollocococo: slapped the both of the across the face like a little biatch before saying "YABBA DABBBA DONT!!! :icongirr21: and :iconwhitewolfrider1256: decided to go on Holiday to Uranus only to find rotten sheep corpses...(MWHAHAHH) :iconthedoctortrash: and:iconfikryfadhillah:'s joint sexiness killed everyone AND THE WHOLE EXISTENCE EXPLODED AND IT FELT HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:iconrainbow-tplz::iconrainbow-hplz::iconrainbow-eplz:      :iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-nplz::iconrainbow-dplz:

I'm so sorry..... but to dare is to do 

I just established I've been spelling Tinky winky wrong my whole life oh and crowbar :stupidme: please note the random words were TOHNF'S (t.on.fs) doing. All blank spaces where filled in on a random person picker so.... lol I also added Dana

So sorry bros..... feel free to torment me. This is a joke I did not intend to offend anyone!

Sorry again....

Btw rectum thing was my idea sooooooooooo Idk *floats in space*
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United Kingdom
Hey my names Chloe (as you guessed) and I'm warning you now I just enjoy drawing and my work isn't going to be professional or something you'd see in the national art gallery so yeah...Oh and last thing please check out :iconbvborussin:, :iconcoolniamhyniamh:,:iconshania-jade: and :icontheonce-hunternf:'s work there my bffs!!! (in real life xD)


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